Save Money on Heating and Cooling Bills

We specialize in interlocking metal weatherstripping. This technique is designed to insulate your door or window while maintaining a finished look. Insulating doors and windows can save money on heating and cooling bills. By lowering your overall utility costs, this service could pay for itself in a relatively short period of time.

Bonus: If you are environmentally-minded, this type of weatherstripping can reduce your household’s carbon footprint by making your home more eco-friendly. We always say that “We were green before it was cool.”

Increase Your Home’s Value for Years to Come

Unlike plastic, urethane, or silicone weatherstripping, metal weatherstrip, when installed by an experienced professional, will stand the test of time. In most cases, this type of insulation can remain intact for the life of the building. Instead of paying for new materials every few years, get the job done right the first time and put it out of your mind. Sell or give your home to family knowing that its occupants will have one less thing to worry about moving forward.

Keep Bugs and Pests Out of Your Home

Interlocking metal weatherstripping also acts as a solid barrier against unwanted insects and pests like ants, stink bugs, mice, and other vermin. These nuisances can enter your home through surprisingly small gaps in your doors and windows. Keep those nasty critters out by having us craft a beautiful metal barrier to seal your home.

Keep your Doorway Dry

Do you notice puddles of water or moisture at your door after a rainstorm? Though metal weatherstripping is not specifically designed to be waterproof, we use techniques that can help keep moisture outside of your home where it belongs, leaving your entranceway dry and beautiful.

Give J.A.P. Weatherstripping a call today to learn more about how interlocking metal weatherstripping can improve your home.