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Warped Door? It Could be the Weather

How Different Weather Conditions Can Stick You With A Warped Door

April showers may bring flowers, but the sudden temperature changes the East Coast is famous for could wreak havoc on your home, leaving you with a warped door.

What Can Cause A Warped Door?

Wooden doors are timeless and classic but tend to be the most affected by the weather. An interesting fact about wood is that it tends to mimic the relative humidity of the environment it’s in. For example, when the weather is warm and humid, the wood in the door will absorb the moisture from the air, causing it to swell. Conversely, in cold, dry temperatures, wood actually has a tendency to shrink as it dries.

How Can You Tell if Your Door is Warping?

In severe cases, you will be able to see your door’s shape change over time, when the sides are no longer straight or level. The corners of your doors may even begin to curl inward (towards the heat).

In less extreme cases, you may notice your door sticking, making opening or closing your door difficult or impossible. If you need to apply any pressure to close your door or give it a good yank to open, it’s time to have it looked at.

If it’s a draft you’re feeling, your door may be experiencing shrinkage. This issue, if left unattended, can cost you big in terms of heating and cooling loss, but that’s not all. Even the tiniest of gaps in a shrinking door is an open invitation for ants, mosquitos, fleas, ticks, and other insects. If the gap is large enough, even small rodents, snakes, and other pests may find their way into your home. You may also experience water damage as shrunken doors are prone to leaks.

Will I Have to Replace My Door?

A swollen or shrunken door does not always have to be replaced. In most cases, whether you want to keep the door original to your structure or are simply emotionally attached, it is possible to bring it back to its original glory.

If it’s a stubborn door you’ve got that has swollen to the point of sticking, a professional may opt to modify the door itself or adjust or replace the weatherstripping.

If drafts or openings from a shrunken door are causing your utility bill to spike, some work may have to be done to readjust the hinges and door to make everything fit perfectly again.

The adjustment of doors and windows is a delicate process. JAP Weatherstripping has over 57 years combined experience in door and window weatherstripping and repair as well as hardware installation, and more. Call our friendly father-son team today for a quote 908-507-5277.

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